Difference Between Social Science And Humanities(With Table)

Humans have always been interested in the world around them. This has led to the creation of disciplines like science, history, and literature that form the basis of human knowledge. There are many fields of study available in the world, and no one field is better than another. But there are some fields that do not get as much recognition as other fields do. The two fields I am talking about are social science and humanities.

Social sciences are fields such as psychology, sociology, economics, and political science. Humanities include religion & theology, philosophy, art criticism, history, and language studies. In this article, I would like to showcase the complete difference between these two fields with the help of the following topics.

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What Is Social Science?

The social sciences are the fields of academia that study human society and social relationships. Social science is a broad term that covers a range of disciplines, including economics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, and history. The term ‘social science’ is relatively new – it was first coined in the 19th century by Auguste Comte, one of the founders of sociology. Comte believed that the study of society could be divided into two main branches: the sciences of humanity (or social science) and the physical sciences.

Social scientists study human society and social dynamics, as well as the interactions between people. They are concerned with the link between individual behavior, actions, values, and attitudes and the broader social forces that affect these behaviors. Social scientists generally look at the causes of problems in an effort to identify possible solutions – a process known as problem-solving.

What Is Humanities?

When people think of the humanities, they often think of literature, history, and philosophy. While these are certainly important aspects of the humanities, they are not the only ones. The humanities also include disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, and art history. 

What sets the humanities apart from other disciplines is their focus on human culture and experience. The humanities ask questions about what it means to be human and how we express ourselves through art, music, language, and storytelling. 

The humanities are important because they help us to understand ourselves and the world around us. They give us a way to explore our shared humanity and find meaning in our lives.

Social Sciences Vs Humanities – Main Differences

There are many distinctions between social science and humanities, but the major difference is their focus. Social science focuses on the study of society, relationships, and human behavior, while humanities focus on the study of arts and cultural factors of mankind.

Social Science Vs Humanities(Comparison Table)

The following clearly compares both social science and humanities with one another.

comparison table for difference between social science and humanities

Key Differences Between Social Science And Humanities

There are a few key differences between social science and humanities.

  • Social science is a branch of study that deals with human communities and their organizations, institutions, and network. It includes fields like anthropology, economics, political science, sociology, and social psychology. Humanities is another branch of study but it is much more focused on intangible concepts such as culture and interpretation.
  • Social science is typically more focused on tangible aspects like data and numbers, while humanities are more focused on intangible concepts like culture and interpretation.
  • Social science is generally more objective while humanities can be more subjective.
  • Social sciences focus on the study of human behavior, while humanities focus on the study of human culture.
  • Social sciences use scientific methods to analyze data, while humanities rely on interpretation and analysis.
  • The study of tradition, culture and historical past bureaucracy is a part of social science. However, humanities try to discover the actual variations between humanity and natural science.


The social sciences and humanities are both important fields of study that offer different perspectives on the world. The social sciences focus on the study of society and human behavior, while the humanities focus on the study of culture and art. Both disciplines are important in their own ways, and each offers unique insights into the human experience.


How Many Social Sciences Are There?

There are a great many social sciences. They include anthropology, archeology, sociology, and criminology. Within these fields there are sub-specialties. For instance, within sociology, there are sociological theories and research methods. And within criminology, there are forensic psychology and criminal law. Finally, within anthropology, there is cultural anthropology and archeology.

Is Humanities A Social Science?

Humanities is not a social science to the same extent that social sciences are humanities. Humanities look at human beings in relation to groups or society as a whole while social sciences look at human beings in relation to the data they generate, usually on a large scale. However, some of the fields that fall under social sciences can be seen as humanities fields. For example, sociology is a social science that looks at human beings in relation to groups or society as a whole. 

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