Difference Between Conference and Seminar(With Table)

A conference can be referred to as a  meeting at which one or more speakers provide information on a specific topic. A seminar on the other hand refers to an event, typically academic, that involves a group of people exploring a particular issue in depth for the purpose of sharing their new knowledge and insights with others. To understand the difference between conference and seminar, you can read out the following topics and table describing the difference between these two terms.

What is a Conference?

A conference is generally a meeting of representatives from different organizations or parties who have common interests. The representatives discuss various issues related to their fields and try to find solutions to common problems. 

Additionally, the main objective of the conference is to exchange information between different groups. A conference mainly focuses on bringing together experts to share their knowledge and ideas with each other. They have the same interests, so they can learn from each other and find new ways to improve their work.

So simply, in a conference, representatives from various organizations or parties meet to discuss common interests and try to find solutions to common problems. 

Some examples of conferences are : 

  • The World Economic Forum
  • International Conference on Population and Development 
  • World Health Assembly
  • Conference of the Parties, and so on.

What is a Seminar?

A seminar, on the other hand, usually refers to an educational or informational session conducted by an expert in a particular field for the benefit of people who are interested in that field. Seminars are typically organized around a specific topic, and they may be either half-day or full-day events. Some seminars are also part of larger conferences.

Moreover, during a seminar, the presenter will often take questions from attendees. Seminars typically last for several hours, and they may be either half-day or full-day events. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend a seminar. A seminar focuses on delivering new information to attendees, and it may also include time for discussion and questions. 

In a nutshell, a seminar is a type of educational event where experts in a field give presentations and engage in discussion with attendees.

Examples of seminars are: 

  • TED Talks
  • Professional development seminars
  • Academic conferences
  • Research symposiums
  • Real Estate, and so on.

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Conference Vs Seminar(Comparison Table)

comparison table for difference between conference and seminar

Six Key Differences Between Conference and Seminar

There are some key differences between conference and seminar which are given below in the form of points:

  • A conference is a large gathering in which various professionals from different fields deliver lectures on their area of expertise, while a seminar is a small meeting in which scholars present their research papers and discuss them.
  • A conference provides an opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds. On the other hand, a seminar is mostly focused on academic discussions.
  • Conferences are held in the organization’s conference room, a convention center, or any other location, such as a hotel meeting room. Seminars, on the other hand, are held inside the institution itself, i.e. in the seminar hall if organized at the institute level; however, if organized at a high level, a large space for sitting is required, therefore they are held in an auditorium or any other hotel space.
  • While a conference usually lasts for a few days, the seminar usually takes place over a single day.
  • Attendance at conferences is often mandatory for students. On the other hand, attendance at seminars is generally voluntary.
  • The cost of attending a conference is usually higher than the cost of attending a seminar.


So to wrap up this article, we can say that a conference is a large meeting of people who have come together to discuss a common topic. On the contrary, a seminar is a comparatively smaller meeting focused on educational presentations. Conferences are generally open to the public, while seminars are usually invitation-only events. Both conferences and seminars can be either live or virtual events. Hope this article was helpful to you.

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